Kill Team: Compendium (English)

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While many kill teams, such as those of the Deathwatch Space Marines, are made up of hand-picked, specially trained warriors, others are taken from the rank and file of the galaxy’s many armies. While these impromptu operatives are often given little more than a mission description and a firm pat on the back, the harsh conditions of a killzone quickly turn them into hardened veterans in their own right. Kill Team: Compendium is the definitive 168-page resource for bringing 19 different factions into the world of tabletop skirmish combat, featuring almost every major faction from Warhammer 40,000. From daring Tempestus Scions to disciplined T’au Hunter Cadres, armies from across the galaxy can now put forward their best and brightest to undertake dangerous missions behind enemy lines.


Inside, you'll find: - Datacards, Ploys, and equipment for 19 factions ranging from Adeptus Astartes to Genestealer Cults - Details about fire teams, the small groups of operatives that make up a full-size kill team - A stunning collection of model photography and artwork featuring kill teams and their operatives The full list of factions available in this book is as follows: Space Marines Grey Knights Imperial Guard Forge World Ecclesiarchy Talons of the Emperor Traitor Space Marines Death Guard Thousand Sons Chaos Daemons Craftworld Commorite Troupe Greenskins Tomb Worlds Hunter Cadre Cadre Mercenaries Hive Fleet Brood Coven

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